Funding Opportunities

Since 2001, Brandon & Area SPIN has been involved in a variety of suicide prevention initiatives.

The Brandon & Area Suicide Prevention Implementation Network

2024-2025 Funding Application


Purpose of Funding:

Each year SPIN provides funding to a maximum of $1500 for groups/organizations to offer programs or events to make Brandon and area suicide-safer, under the following categories:

  • Suicide Prevention and Life Promotion Initiatives
  • Suicide Intervention or Post-Intervention Initiatives
  • Mental Health Promotion/Activities that build healthy, resilient communities


  • The maximum amount of funding per application is $1,500.00.
  • The amount of funding received will depend on the number of grants submitted, as well as the number of people involved/impacted.
  • Not all applicants will receive funding.  A selection process will occur as indicated below.
  • The SPIN Intake Sub-Committee will meet and review all applications for funding and inform the applicants of the outcome in a timely manner. For those applicants who are selected by the Intake Sub-Committee to receive funding the following conditions apply:
      • Priority will be given to new submissions(projects), specifically those related to Suicide Prevention and Life Promotion Initiatives and Suicide Intervention or Post-Intervention Initiatives.
      • Re-occurring applications may not be successful. Preference will be given to those applications if they have an added new feature to the project.  Funding will not be given for the same budget item each year, thus encouraging sustainability and community engagement.
      • Membership with SPIN committee and regular attendance at the monthly meetings is a condition of the grant funding.

NOTE: Only 50% of funds received can be allocated towards:

  • printing of materials
  • honorariums
  • purchase of food or beverages


  • Your Organization will provide updates of your project/event/initiative at monthly SPIN meetings.
  • Your Organization will provide a final year-end report submitted to the SPIN committee at the conclusion of your project or no later than March 1, 2025.
  • Your Organization will give a 10-minute presentation summary of the completed project to the SPIN Committee.
    • Please book your 10-minute presentation slot at the time of signing the SPIN grant agreement.


  • Submit the application form located on page 3-5 of these documents.
  • Deadline to submit application: May 17th, 2024.
  • Submit to:
  • Successful recipients will be notified via email on or by May 31, 2024.

If your organization or group is planning an initiative to promote Suicide Prevention or Life Promotion and require some funding support, please consider submitting a funding application.