Since 2001, Brandon & Area SPIN has been involved in a variety of suicide prevention initiatives.

Suicide-Safer Community

Brandon & Area SPIN recognizes that the impact of suicide is widespread, affecting families, friends and communities. It is a complex issue with complex contributing factors and, therefore, needs a multifaceted approach with broad community supports to build a Suicide-Safer Community.

Tell… Ask…
Listen… KeepSafe

Seek help from a friend or professional; it is important to have supportive people to reach out to. In seeking help, you may consider:

  • parents, relatives, neighbours and friends
  • school counsellor, teacher or coach
  • family doctors
  • adult friends
  • counsellors
  • clergy/spiritual leaders
  • if you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable talking to, please get help from one of the helplines listed below.